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The Science Behind Energy Work

Physics tells us that everything has energy. These invisible fields of energy are everywhere in the universe. They convey information about the structure of everything, from subatomic particles and cells to planets, galaxies and beyond. Our bodies are also awash with energies and frequencies.

Most of us are not raised to listen to our bodies, so we go through our lives unaware of the messages they are sending and receiving from the other energy forms on the planet. It is only when we stop and turn our attention inward that we begin to hear the subtle symphonies that are constantly playing around us. When we learn to tune in is the time when we become more able to do energy work. It is something that everyone has the capacity to do, but many are just not 'there' in their mental, emotional or physical states to allow themselves to accept this ability. Thankfully this appears to be changing as more people are opening up to the possibilities of life beyond what science understands now.

Remember, the brain puts off electrical charges called EEG waves, the heart puts off electrical charges called EKG waves. Every cell in the body is bathed in the electrical field generated by both of these amazing organs, as these EEG and EKG waves travel throughout the entire body.

Those who do energy work have learned to still their minds and open themselves up to allow the energy of the universe to work through their physical forms and to be sensitive enough to feel those subtle energy frequencies that other energetic bodies emit. It is a practice more easily accepted in the East. Here in the West we are more skeptical of healings accomplished through energy work and so appear to need more scientific proof to make it more acceptable and 'real'. In his book, 'The Energy Healing Experiments' Dr Gary E. Schwartz, a former skeptic, brings to light many scientifically-based experiments that help explain our natural powers to heal. For anyone who finds themselves on the skeptical end of the spectrum, this book is an eye-opening adventure.